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Commercial Interior Design vs. Residential Interior Design

Residential or commercial interior design is indeed an interesting topic. It is actually the subject of pleasure to ever corporate individual or home owner. if you are the type of person who like to see beauty from the floor to the ceiling, interior design is for your. Once more, the concept of interior designing can both be applied to residential or commercial spaces.

Interior design can be defined as sophisticated profession that combines creativity and technical methods to achieve a pleasing living or working space. It is worth noting that the job is to combine aesthetics and functionality to improve the life of the people for whom the design is planned for.

When it comes to residential interior design, work is concentrated on designing residential spaces. Here, the a interior designer aims come up with a functional interior that will suit the needs and the taste of the resident. After all, a home should be a persons haven, therefore interior design should help make it as livable and pleasing as possible. Moreover, crafting interiors spaces for childless residents is different from designing spaces for families with two or more children.
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Moving on, designers have great architectural and construction knowledge of residential rooms. This knowledge will help designers know if it is possible for their clients to add or expand rooms, or take down walls and what not. He or she can also determine the best materials to use. These residential interior designers should have no problems working within building codes and floor layouts. It is essential for the designer to understand how his or her plan will affect the overall look of the house.
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On the other hand, commercial interior design is the process of designing commercial spaces. It includes construction or renovation of these places. It is not simple decorating, because it is a little more complex than residential spaces. This type of interior design requires the designer to have extensive architectural knowledge in order to expertly create functional and beautiful corporate environments. Often times, commercial interior designers cooperate with clients at the start of construction. Hand in hand, they create ideas for the entire space that will best serve the purpose of the commercial space.

Nevertheless, either residential or commercial interior designers need to work with contractors in order to create that stylish and functional living or working space. Interior designers may also be architects but not all the time. These professionals are expected to have very good knowledge in both art and science because a good design is not only beautiful, it is also useful. If you want to know more about residential or commercial interior design, you may go to this website.